Toy Words – the best word game for word-games addictive enthusiasts. Use all your language skills while making different words from letter cubes in one of 7 game modes.

Single-player modes

  1. Tower” – a single player mode, where you compete against the time. Clear the grid from falling letter cubes and in case you get stuck, don’t forget about the Destroyer to smash all walls around. You will also get to know the Crazy Cube. Psssst! What does he hide in his mouth?
  2. 2 Minutes” – a single player mode, where you have to get maximum amount of points within 2 minutes.
  3. Stop, Crazy!” – get rid of all Crazy cubes within minimum amount of time
  4. Sprint” – get 1000 points within minimum amount of time
  5. 101 Cubes” – get maximum amount of points using only 100 cubes.
  6. Super Word” – find a single word, which gives maximum amount of points. Faster you find one, more points you get!

Battle (multiplayer)

If your skills are good enough, try to compete with other players of Toy Words is a real-time 1v1 words battle. Make various words as fast as you can to overload the opponent’s grid with letter cubes and get on top of the global ranking.

The longer your words, the more Angry Cubes your enemy gets – they will stand no chance of winning against you. And for the self-defence don’t mind using the crushing Rocket – it destroys everything on its way.

Challenge your friends and neighbours, who is the new Shakespeare among you?

A unique feature of the game is the ability to compete with players all around the world regardless of their language. Everybody plays in their mother tongue.

All in all featuring fantastic graphics and tremendous sounds, the game will take you to another level of mobile games.

The game is available in English, Russian, German and Spanish (beta) as well.

PS Big thanks to Alexander Fallinski and Daily Sound Team for the great music.

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